Resolution independent 2D graphics engine
01 Hello World
Picture of earth and moon application

The source code for these example programs can be downloaded form the downloads page.

This tutorial shows how the infamous 'hello world' program can be created using Quad-Ren. It demonstrates the usage of the qr::render, qr::scene_manager and qr::sprite objects.

02 Animation
Picture of earth and moon aplication

This tutorial shows how animation can be created in Quad-Ren, the result of this tutorial is a pseudo 3D animation of the moon orbiting the Earth. You should read the hello world tutorial before diving into this one.

03 Event System
picture of event system application

This tutorial shows how keyboard input can be read in Quad-Ren and how custom animators and event receivers can be created. The result is a space ship which can be controlled using the arrow keys.

04 Pong
Picture of pong game

This tutorial demonstrates the implementation of a simple Pong game using Quad-ren. It draws on everything discussed in the previous tutorials in addition to demonstrating how custom event types can be created.

Creating QRDD Files

The Quad-Ren package includes a small CLI program for converting a PNG sequence following the 'fileXXXX.png' naming convention into a QRDD file, this tutorial demonstrates how to use it.