Resolution independent 2D graphics engine
Creating QRDD Files

The Quad-Ren package includes a small CLI program for converting a PNG sequence following the 'fileXXXX.png' naming convention into a QRDD file, this tutorial demonstrates how to use it.

The converter can be invoked by typing:


This program takes exactly 4 arguments, these are:

  • The absolute or relative path to the file, including the first part of the file name but without the frame number or file extension.
  • The number of the last frame in the sequence.
  • The offset from zero to the first frame, normally 0 or 1.
  • The output directory for the resulting QRDD file, again this should include the file name with no extension.

For example, the following command would convert the files 'images/test0001.png' to 'images/test0100.png' into 'out.QRDD'.

png2qrdd images/test 100 1 out